Finally, an anti-fracking ad on the TV

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August 21, 2012 by SCNCC

In upstate New York, one of the last frackable terrains not yet opened up to drillers, and where New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to stick derricks like voodoo pins, this add is running. Commissioned by Delaware Riverkeeper, one of the orgs pressing hard against Cuomo and the gas industry, its refreshing to see an ad that alerts people to the public health crisis that could occur if fracking kicks off in NY. Fracking won’t just poison upstate either, since most of NYC gets its water from the region’s Marcellus Shale watershed. In total, drinking water for 16 million is in jeopardy. Its refreshing to know that fractivists have got some air time, but what will ultimately save NY from the onslaught of gas industry commercials coming its way will be utilizing a resources the frackers don’t have bodies in the streets.

Here’s a promo video the gas industry produced for Ohio, where they are looking to expand operations. The industry’s 30 second TV slots are a lot snazzier but still the vid’s a illustrates the base propaganda being pumped out across the country. Better where a smock, prepare yourself for some greenwashing:

How’d you like the sound effects on those vapors and liquids? Ready for them to drill under your local school or park? The promo video above uses sixteen football fields to claim drillers are drilling too deep to contaminate watersheds. Another gas industry film uses five Willis Towers to illustrate how deep down and far beneath the surface drillers are fracturing shale. What the industry doesn’t say is that the pressure with which frack fluids are pumped into wells frequently cracks the well’s cement casing, causing methane and frack junk to leak into aquifers.

If you want to have an idea of the what fracking has done to communities where it has occurred (and you have a few hours) you can click here. In the meantime, I recommend the fracking rap:

If you live in New York and don’t want to be fracked, the next few days will present plenty of chances to join the struggle against the toxic extraction method. There will be a rally outside Governor Cuomo’s policy lunch with the Clintons this Wednesday at the Sheridan Hotel in Manhattan, calling on him not to frack NY. And over the weekend in Albany groups battling fracking will be holding teach-ins and non-violent direct action trainings that will culminate in a mass march to the governor’s office on Monday, letting him know that New Yorkers will not allow him to hand their state over to drillers.

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