Peoples’ Summit inaugurates “a new cycle in the course of global struggles”

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June 26, 2012 by SCNCC

The Peoples’ Summit, anathema to the UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development , has produced a final declaration. Unlike the shindig that took place just up the road, where ruling class representatives played limbo to see who could duck the greatest share of responsibility for the climate crisis, the Peoples’ Summit was actually representative of the desires and aspirations of the human species, and produced a meaningful text.

At the Peoples’ Summit, “Movements of women, Indigenous Peoples, people of African descent, youth, family and peasant farmers, workers, the poor… and religious groups world wide” inaugurated “a new cycle in the course of global struggles.” So states the final declaration of the gathering, attended by 80,000 people this past week.

The diverse array of the world’s people set down collectively what they are  for and what they are against:

  • Opposed to militarization of territories and states.
  • Opposed to criminalization of social movement organizations.
  • Opposed to violence against women.
  • Opposed to violence against LGBT people.
  • Opposed to large corporations.
  • Opposed to imposing payments of unjust financial debt and for popular hearings on them.
  • For guaranteeing the right of the people to land and territory, urban and rural.
  • For free informed and prior consultation and consent, based in the principle of good faith as per Convention 169 of the ILO.
  • For food sovereignty and healthy food, against agrochemicals and transgenics.
  • For the conquest and guarantee of rights.
  • For the solidarity of peoples and countries, chiefly those threatened by military or institutional coups (like the recent one in Paraguay).
  • For the sovereignty of the people over ownership of the commons, against attempts to privatize and commodify.
  • For changing the current energy grid and system.
  • For democratization of the communications media.
  • For a recognition of the historic social and ecological debt.
  • For building towards a worldwide GENERAL STRIKE.

A complete, English version of the final declaration is not yet available, stay posted.

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