Emergency protest in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

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June 14, 2012 by SCNCC

Emergency Rallies are taking place around the world on Friday, June 15 in solidarity with Egyptian Revolution.

In New York, activists are gathering in front of the Egyptian Consulate–58th and 2nd Ave– at 4:30 pm.

The Egyptian Revolution suffered a severe blow today when the highest court ruled that dictator Mubarak’s prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, will be allowed to run for president Sunday, despite the blood on his hands. As one protester in Cairo told Al Jazeera today, “[Shafiq] is part of the counter-revolution. If Shafiq becomes president, that means there was no revolution.”

All those who were inspired by the bravery and defiance of the Egyptian Revolution and its ongoing impact around the world—including here in New York—should come out and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Egypt and oppose what many are calling a “soft military coup.” There are rumors that some counterrevolutionaries will show up at the Consulate Friday, June 15, to support the high court’s horrible decision, and we should have a peaceful show of international solidarity in support of the revolution to counter that message—especially in front of the global media that is likely to cover Egypt-related events June 15. 

As Americans whose government supports and defends dictators throughout the Middle East, we have a special responsibility to say, “No return to tyranny!”

Bring a sign, a friend and post this announcement to lists and social media. 

Defend the Egyptian Revolution. Solidarity from New York to Cairo!

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