Families blockading potential water withdrawal site, facing imminent eviction

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June 11, 2012 by SCNCC

An update on the situation in Riverdale from Zack Malitz with Water Defense:

For eleven days, Riverdale residents have blockaded the entrance to their mobile home community in Pennsylvania to prevent Aqua America from evicting them to make way for a fracking water withdrawal site. Now, residents have been told by Aqua America contractors that the company plans to break the blockade and begin construction tomorrow.

Riverdale residents and their allies plan to stop any Aqua America trucks from entering the community, but they need as much support from outside of the community as they can get. There’s no guarantee that Aqua America will really try to break the blockade tomorrow—construction was originally slated to begin on June 1—but it’s certain that Riverdale would have been razed by now without the constant vigilance and firm resolve of the folks who are there manning the barricades.

Call Aqua America at 610.527.8000 and tell them to cancel their plans to evict Riverdale residents to make way for a fracking water withdrawal site. Stay on the line until you get through to an operator, then ask for Aqua America CEO Nick DeBenedictis’ office. Then click here to learn how you can support the Riverdale blockade.

Nick DeBenedictis made $4 million dollars last year. By contrast, many of the families who have already left Riverdale went heavily into debt to pay their moving expenses and are paying triple their former rent because the massive influx of gas workers has driven up housing prices in the area.

That’s criminal.

Drop Aqua America a line at 610.527.8000 and tell them that our communities matter more than fracked gas wells. Then click here to find out what you can do to keep the Riverdale blockade going.

In solidarity,

Zack Malitz

Water Defense

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