Families in PA town to be evicted so that water can be withdrawn for fracking


May 31, 2012 by SCNCC

Residents of Riverdale Mobile Home Park are fighting for their community. Aqua America Inc. plans to evict thirty-seven families from the hamlet located in Jersey Shore, Pennsilvania on June 1st, in order to construct an industrial water withdrawal site that will service the
natural gas industry.

Pennsilvania has undergone a drilling boom in recent years, in large part because of an extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. To draw natural gas out of shale rock, frackers pump a combo of sand, toxic chemicals, and millions of gallons of water into the earth.

Each drilling well uses between three to nine gallons of H2O and all that water has got to come from somewhere. American Aqua is evicting Riverdale to suck up water for fracking on their land.

Fracking has been linked to water contamination in Dimock, Pennsilvania, Pavillion, Wyoming, and parts of Canada. Riverdale’s water will be used to contaminate water elsewhere in  Pennsilvania. The community finds itself on the front lines of a new industrial water-cycle spawned by the fracking boom.

Tonight, residents and supporters of Riverdale will rally to defend their community, demanding that Aqua America sit down wiith them to negotiate a deal that would halt their eviction.  They also call on President Barack Obama and the governors of Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland to revoke Aqua America’s water withdrawal permit that was approved in March by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

Construction on the water withdrawal site begins tomorrow.Riverdale residents are hoping for a strong community presence which they say could help save their homes.

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