Two upcoming protests against Spectra Pipeline

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May 30, 2012 by SCNCC

An alert from Occupy Wall Street Environmental Solidarity:

Emergency Rally Against Spectra Pipeline

May 31st 6pm in front of St Paul’s Chapel

209 Broadway, between Fulton St. & Vesey St. New York, NY

Earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved construction of the NJ-NY Expansion Project, also known as the Spectra Pipeline. The Spectra Pipeline’s radon-laced, fracked gas could shorten the lifespan of up to of 30,000 New Yorkers due to lung cancer. There is also risk the pipeline—which would run near parks, a chemical plant, under the Hudson, and emerge near the West Village High Line—could blow-up, just as a pipeline with similar specs exploded in San Bruno, California in 2010.

The Hudson River Park Trust is granting an easement to Spectra Energy for their pipeline to cross state lines and receive sanctuary in the West Village. In order to accommodate Spectra, the Trust will have to change the Hudson River Park Act. More on that here.

Oh yeah, HRPT also wants to amend the act to allow for condo development along the Hudson. As Picture the Homeless has pointed out, there are more vacant homes in NYC than there are homeless. Instead of building more condos for the wealthy and destroying what little green space we have in New York, we need to ensure families have a roofs over their heads and  revitalized New York’s ecosystems.

OWS Environmental Solidarity will be ratcheting up the fight against the Spectra Pipeline this summer. Thursday’s rally kicks off our campaign. On Tuesday…

Stay tuned:

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