Rio + 99%


May 28, 2012 by SCNCC

Rally in Solidarity with the People’s Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When: June 16, 1pm

Where: Bryant Park, 42st and 6th Ave

The UN will be holding a Corporate Sustainability Forum, June 15th to June 18th, ahead of the Rio+20 climate conference. A whose who of the corporate world will be in attendance, including Charles Holliday Chairman of Bank of America’s board. The forum has little to do with addressing climate change and more to do with greenwashing and filling the pockets of the 1% through carbon markets.

The timing of the Corporate Sustainability Forum says it all; business comes first, the rest of the world–the people, the planet–come second.

Meanwhile, activists from social movements around the globe will also be gathering in Rio to demand immediate action to address corporate-induced climate change.

On June 16 at 1 pm we will rally at Bryant Park to show our support for grassroots efforts to tackle the climate crisis and empower those most effected by it. We will also be enacting all the fun stuff world leaders are doing rather than addressing the calamity of our rapidly warming planet; golfing, playing polo, celebrating the Queen of England’s ascension to the thrown, drilling for oil, and flying drones. From Bryant park we’ll march on our least favorite polluters’ headquarters and swing by the UN.

The future of earth will be won in the streets, not the boardrooms of the 1%.

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