US occupiers burning waste in “shit pits” across Afghanistan

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May 24, 2012 by SCNCC

Wired Magazine’s Danger Room reported this week that US occupying forces are buring trash and feces in huge burn pits at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and at thousands of other sites across the country. The job of burning the waste, in what service members refer to as “shit pits”, is primarily outsourced to Afghan personel. There’s no telling what the health effect on Afghans has been but service members have experienced a slew of respitory and cardiovascular illnesses they associate with the open, flaming, filth gorges. 

The use of shit pits has been common practice for the US military, not just in Afghanistan but in Iraq as well, for much of the last decade. Vets have filed suits but the US military has maintained the burn pits are safe, an assertion contradicted by the 2011 memo Wired is propagating, which acknowledges the pits pose long term health risks to troops breathing Bagram air. The shit pit at Bagram is the site where the US military saw fit to burn Korans and other religious materials in February, sparking protests across Afghanistan.

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